Improving Communication with Your Body

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Instagram IGTV Video:: evamedcroftcoaching - Learning how to better communicate with your body

Having better work-life balance includes not just listening to your body but how you talk to it as well.

When we "battle" our body's weight or illness or engage in negative self talk about our physical appearance, our body has no choice other than to make our statements true. We are subconciously self-sabotaging our physical and mental health, often because of unrealistic expectations marketed to us through advertisements, movies and other media.

If you choose to flip the script on one story, change the story you tell yourself about your body and appearance. As silly as it may seem at first, it helps to get in the practice of looking at yourself in the mirror everyday, and with the same kindness you would have for a child, tell your body how much you love and appreciate it. With practice, your body will get the message ūüôā


For more tips (and a cameo from Sumo, my grandpuppy), check out this linked video.

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