A Well-Crafted Origin Story Connects with Heart

Origin Story 1

Every business has an origin story.

How you tell it can captivate your client and motivate your team – or not.

A basic business origin story is the narrative that explains how a company was founded and its journey to become what it is today. It typically includes the company's mission, values, and key events that have shaped its history and culture.

The origin story is often used as a tool for branding and storytelling, as it helps to establish a company's identity and create a connection with its customers and employees. It is an important part of a company's overall brand and can be communicated through various channels, such as the company's website, marketing materials, and media appearances.

A well-crafted origin story for your business is the same as every well-crafted origin-story, which typically has the following components:

  1. Setting: The environment and circumstances surrounding the protagonist's birth or formative years, in this case, how and why you launched your company.
  2. Characters: Key figures that shape or influence the protagonist (you or the original person how launched your biz), such as parents, mentors, and enemies. So who are your characters? Your first client? An old boss or colleague?
  3. Conflict: The struggle or challenge that sets the you on your journey and defines your motivations – and maybe that of your clients.
  4. Transformation: The growth or change that the you (and your clients) undergo as a result of the conflict, leading to your ultimate identity – your authentic brand.
  5. Theme: A central idea or message that ties the story together, providing insight into the your company's character and the world it inhabit.
  6. Tone: The emotional and stylistic elements that establish the mood and atmosphere of the story.
  7. Plot: The sequence of events that unfolds in the story, building tension and driving the you and your clients towards a resolution.

Once you have the above, you just need to craft your story. Writing not your strength? Then you need a master spin doctor. Reach out to us for your spin – with Attitude 🙂