Dare to be authentic.

Stand out with marketing, design and executive coaching...

with Attitude!

Brand with authenticity. Tell your unique story with openness and courage.  Build trust with your perfect client with marketing, design, and copy writing that connects to their heart.

Match your mindset to your marketing. No more imposter-syndrome, money blocks, playing small, and self sabotage. Dare to be unapologetically YOU with trauma-informed business coaching.

Eva Medcroft

I get it.

For my clients, I can create, design, write and plan with courage. I would pour everything I had into their success. I happily work all day long (and sometimes late into the night) to create an authentic brand and tell a bold story. But when it comes to doing the same for myself...ugh!!

I would play small. I would blend in the background rather than stand out.  I would find anything else to do other than work on my authentic brand – to be vulnerable and courageous enough to tell my own, less than perfect story.

Trust me, I've been there, too.

After years of struggling with my own self-doubt and self-sabotage, I learned how to be unapologetically me and to find the courage to put myself out there and connect with clients on a deeper level.

Now I use the same powerful lessons I learned to help other small business owners dare to be authentic, to be bold, to be comfortable with just being you – attracting your perfect client more easily in the process.

Marketing and Design Services

Marketing and design with heart. Clients want to trust the companies they work with. They want to get know them, not just to be sold by some slick design and spin. They want connection – to have a conversation. And that's where Attitude can help you speak with your true voice.

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Business and Executive Coaching

Overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage and playing small. Trauma-informed life and business coaching helps you find work-life balance, overcome chronic stress, and get your sh*t together. Unwind your coping mechanisms and integrate mind-body-spirit to get the mindset you need to dare to be authentic.

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Eva Medcroft


Eva M. Medcroft
Designer, Consultant and Certified Coach

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About Attitude Agency

"Attitude Agency went the extra mile to create our unique brand that matched our services while really capturing our personality."

Judy Tso –Aha Solutions Unlimited


Eva M Medcroft

Designer, Consultant and Coach

I create, design, write and plan for my clients but, even better, I teach them how to take control of the process themselves. Through coaching, training and expert support, together we co-create a sustainable brand that connects you to your perfect client.


creative team network

Team You

While Attitude is a small, family company located in St Petersburg, Florida, we work with clients, creatives and technical experts all over the country. When you connect with With Attitude, you connect with a tribe – a creative support network of experts, vender services and other business owners that get it. 


do it with attitude

With Attitude!

Mindset is everything. It is important to have the right mindset to find your voice, your truth and your courage to go big – to connect your mindset with your brand so you don't fall into imposter syndrome traps. That is why I also offer coaching...because the way we do one thing, is the way we do everything.


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” The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.