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Individual, Executive, and Team Coaching and Training

With Attitude's individual, executive, and team coaching and training, you'll experience the power of connection, resilience, and effectiveness like never before. Get ready to empower your leadership and employees to work together towards higher performance, personal growth, reduced stress, and aligned vision and goals.

Executive Coaching
Individual, Executive and Leadership Coaching

Let's start with aligning your leadership.

Our executive coaching will revolutionize the way you and your company tackle roadblocks.

Feeling burned out with dwindling results?

Together, we'll uncover what's been holding you back and identify the skills and assets that need development or acquisition. Through improved communication and teamwork, we'll co-create a custom step-by-step action plan that brings better work-life balance and renewed success.

Team Alignment Coaching and Training

But it doesn't stop there.

Team alignment coaching and training will transform your team from herding cats to a synchronized force.

Whether your team is in-person or remote, we'll assess their current state and pinpoint the skills and vision focus needed for your company's success. Through tailored courses, we'll enhance communication, foster collaboration, and guide each team member in their personal development journey. The result? A more effective, satisfying work experience and a shared action plan for better work-life balance. 

Team Coaching
Trauma Informed Workshop 1
Trauma-Informed Training Workshop

And for those working in high-stress industries or serving high-conflict clients, our trauma-informed training workshop is a game-changer.

You and your team will learn how to identify trauma responses, create healthy boundaries, and understand the impact of trauma on both your team and clients.

With trauma-coaching tricks and hacks, you'll be equipped to support and de-escalate situations with empathy and resilience. Remember, it's not personal—it's trauma.