Get more done by doing less

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Being” sounds easy, but can be hard. Especially when we are in the habit of always doing. The more we try to “be” the more our mind just won’t listen. this is normal at first. It takes training, practice and time. #mindfulnesspractice

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Imposter Syndrome vs Authentic Branding

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Imposter syndrome can interfere with authentic branding by causing individuals to doubt their abilities and downplay their achievements. Impostor syndrome is often indicated combination of several factors including: Perfectionism: Setting high standards for oneself and feeling pressure to meet those standards. Comparison to others: Comparing oneself to others who seem more successful or knowledgeable, leading…

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Trauma Response – It’s natural, not a disorder


Something’s not right. My stomach is doing flip flops. My heart is racing. My breathing is fast and shallow. Trying to sit still feels like torture. I need to run. This is trauma? I am experiencing the biological response to threatening stimulus also known as trauma response. It could mean the difference between life and…

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