Authentic Branding Design & Coaching Program

Melissa LaBrecque

Melissa LaBrecque is a holistic massage and Neural Reset Therapist located in the Tampa Bay area. We worked together to discover her authentic brand and overcome stumbling blocks that were holding her back from telling her story and attracting clients to her unique healing practice.

Branding/New Product Development

Palma Sola Grande

Palma Sola Grande, LLC, is a new subdivision in Bradenton, Florida. Both the investor and builder were very experienced in construction and property investment/management but this was their first subdivision project. Attitude Agency's initial focus was new product development: determining costs and developing pricing strategies, identifying and overcoming legal obstacles, and working with stakeholders to develop the sales/design/build process. As the project broke ground, Attitude moved onto their next phase: developing the brand, WordPress website, marketing material, and tools for the sales team.


Dospel Construction

Pete Dospel Construction, LLC, a builder on Anna Maria Island, was originally doing business as Architectural Construction Solutions. As the company grew to include more high-end, million dollar new home builds and luxury remodels, they felt they needed a brand to match. The result was an elegant brand to match the amazing island homes they build.

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