Your Gut Health’s Critical Role in Healing PTSD/Anxiety

Learn about your gut's nervous system, gut health and the benefits a reset detox can have to your mental health

I would like to talk to you about gut health today. You may be aware how important gut health is to our immune system – something that can be impacted leaky gut or poor gut balance. As more integrative studies are done, we are learning more and more that our immune system can become compromised (with more illness, colds, allergies and suseptible to contagions/ viruses) if we have p0or gut health.  Less well-known, is the importance of your gut health and balance to your mental health and to your nervous system.

We've discussed the autonomic nervous system. One of the two components is parasympathetic system  – the relaxed, calm healing (also known as "rest and digest") mode where we absorb our nutrition. Our parasympathetic is often engaged when everything's working well in our bodies and life is going good. The other component is the sympathetic nervous system. This is our security system. It is engaged when our body is triggered into "fight or flight" to keep us safe. The sympathetic nervous system is quicker to engage (and to be engaged more often) during big traumas, which can lead to PTSD, and to  life's small daily traumas (when we call stress) that can lead to increased heart disease and other nervous disorders and anxieties.

So today we're going to talk about the ENS - or the enteric nervous system. The ENS is the system of nerves embedded in the intestinal wall extending across t your whole  gastrointestinal tract from the esophagus all the way down to your rectum. It is estimated that the END contains about 500 million neurons – the same neurons found in our brain – which is why we often call it our "gut brain" or "second brain"

Our gut brain plays an important role in our mood. It is key in controlling the preservation of us as a human being and is responsive to challenges, dangersand other confrontations. It helps determine our core sense of oneself.

This is very important so important to have good nutrition habits, including ensuring that the parasympathitic nervous system is engaged with we eat and that we eat clean, whole foods often to reduce the impact of toxins on our body.

It is also why it is important to listen to your "gut reaction" to situations and people because your gut can react faster than our logical brain when there is a potential threat.

Tune into the video above to learn more...

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