Get more done by doing less

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Being” sounds easy, but can be hard. Especially when we are in the habit of always doing. The more we try to “be” the more our mind just won’t listen. this is normal at first. It takes training, practice and time. #mindfulnesspractice

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A Well-Crafted Origin Story Connects with Heart

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Every business has an origin story. How you tell it can captivate your client and motivate your team – or not. A basic business origin story is the narrative that explains how a company was founded and its journey to become what it is today. It typically includes the company’s mission, values, and key events…

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Defeating Imposter Syndrome


I’m stuck. Too embarrassed to look backward. Too afraid to move forward. If I curl up in a little ball, maybe nobody will notice that I don’t belong. Maybe they won’t notice that I am not smart enough, or creative enough, skilled enough, or whatever enough. If I fade into the background, just maybe I won’t be…

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Why Authenticity Matters

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An authentic brand is one that: – Stays true to its values and beliefs – Is transparent in its actions – Is transparent in its communication with its customers By having an authentic brand, you can establish trust and loyalty with your customers, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction, brand recognition, and business success.…

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Level Up Your Marketing with AI

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Like people in many industries, creatives are justly concerned about their roles as AI evolves. It’s as easy to foresee a future where AI boosts our productivity and creativity. And just as easy to see AI completely replacing our function. Since it’s highly unlikely AI usage will do anything but increase, below are ways you…

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Custom WordPress Websites Still In High Demand


While other platforms are gaining popularity, WordPress remains the leader. In 2022, WordPress was used for over 43% of all websites and 65% of websites using a content-management system. You may want a custom WordPress website for several reasons: Custom functionality: WordPress is a versatile platform, but it may not have all the features a…

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