Your Kickoff Strategy for 2024

Embracing Success in the New Year: Crafting Your Kickoff Strategy

Whether you’re steering a business ship or carving your professional path, starting the year with a solid plan sets you up for a year that’s not just good but downright fantastic. Let’s break down the must-haves for a plan that’s your secret sauce to success

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Get more done by doing less

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Being” sounds easy, but can be hard. Especially when we are in the habit of always doing. The more we try to “be” the more our mind just won’t listen. this is normal at first. It takes training, practice and time. #mindfulnesspractice

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A Well-Crafted Origin Story Connects with Heart

Origin Story 1

Every business has an origin story. How you tell it can captivate your client and motivate your team – or not. A basic business origin story is the narrative that explains how a company was founded and its journey to become what it is today. It typically includes the company’s mission, values, and key events…

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