Week Two: Lesson 5

Grounding back into our bodies

Today, we explored a powerful grounding exercise to reconnect with our senses and bodies during trauma response.

When our sympathetic nervous system triggers fight or flight, reconnecting becomes crucial. This exercise involved focusing on sounds, sights, and physical sensations, starting with five and gradually reducing to one. This process grounds us, aiding in emotional regulation. Remember, if you ever feel uneasy, pause or stop. Now, take a moment to appreciate yourself for this commitment to healing.

Feel free to repeat this exercise for ongoing calm and connection. Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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About the Instructor

Eva M Medcroft, TICC, CHC, CLC

Certified Trauma-Informed Coach

After years of struggling with my own trauma and the self-sabotage and people pleasing that comes with it, I decided to take control of my life and heal my body from the inside out. This led me to getting certified as a trauma -informed coach, life coach and health coach. Now I use those same powerful techniques to help others heal themselves and find their inner peace.