8 Ways Trauma Can Sink Your Biz

8 Ways Trauma Sinks Biz Min

How does trauma show up in YOUR business?

It’s important understand that our response to trauma is a powerful, life-saving defense mechanism.  It is the core, instinctual and subconscious part of ourselves that keeps us safe. For our critter brain, that means status quo. No change.

For business, status quo and no change means we can’t grow or even launch. Owning a business requires us to embrace change and face our fears. When we do that, sometimes we hit a nerve  an old trauma. In fact, it is often the sure-fire way to draw old trauma to the surface.

And typically, it’s something we think we dealt with and were well beyond (or is can be something we don’t remember). But then just as that success is just in sight, it all blows up.

That can be the result of our subconscious mind, our critter brain trying to keep us safe.

Old trauma rears its head in business in many ways, but here are the most common:

  1. Self-sabotage – this is the big umbrella where we get in our own way or take actions (or inactions) that will ultimately lead to
  2. Money blocks – undervaluing ourselves, failing to miss or take opportunities, giving stuff away and that goes hand-in-hand with its twin…
  3. Imposter syndrome – this is were part of you thinks you don’t quite have enough to be the expert and worry that you will be found out.
  4. Procrastination – goes with,
  5. Indecisiveness – which also goes with,
  6. Perfectionism – all three go together because they ultimately do the same thing and leave you in the same place…STUCK!
  7. Workaholism – what are you not paying attention to? Whatever it brewing over in the corning, it’s going to explode into a huge distraction from your success.
  8. People pleasing – where you put yourself last, leading to burnout, is just not sustainable in business

When you see these patterns show up in yourself as you dive into your business, you know it’s time to get back to work on old trauma. If you don’t work on this now, your subconscious will continue to keep you “safe” from your success.

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