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Balanced. Confident. Empowered.

We all strive to be cool, calm and collected. But when we have experienced chronic stress and trauma, that's easier said than done. After highly stressful or traumatic experience (whether is acute, chronic or from childhood), we often find ourselves behaving in ways we feel we have little control over, which can have a HUGE impact on our business success:

–  Self-sabotaging our health, our relationships, our finances, or our business/career

–  Lack of work-life balance by focusing too much or too little on your business

–  Feeling stuck due to money blocks, imposter syndrome, indecisiveness or lack of focus

 – Losing control with emotional or angry outbursts and panic attacks

It is not a matter of trying harder, pushing through it or just willing your trauma and stress response away. The way our body and mind reacts to stress and trauma is a powerful biological response – one that is tied to our survival. So it takes knowledge and skill to heal. The impact of trauma on your health, cognitive ability, relationships and work doesn't make healing any easier. But there is help. You have the ability to heal and live a beautiful life.

With my Trauma-Informed Business Coaching Program, you will:

1    Get really clear on the direction you want your business – and your life – to go.

2    Build a strong business foundation that includes a healthy work-life balance from the start.

3   Uncover and overcome any self-sabotaging behavior that is holding you back from success.

4   Develop a solid, customized plan that helps you connect to your perfect client, do something you love, and make money fast!

5    Learn how to launch, market and grow a business that is uniquely yours.

Based on this, I developed the Trauma-Informed Business Coaching Program...

"...a proven SYSTEM that combines my marketing expertise with transformational trauma coaching to help passionate entrepreneurs whose self-doubt and trauma impact their business and holds them back from connecting with clients..."

For business and personal branding alike, the Trauma-Informed Business Coaching Program will empower you to create a business that is authentically you.

More trauma-informed coaching programs offered by Attitude Agency!


Trauma-Informed Health Coaching

Boost your energy, regain your health, and get your sh*t together. Unwind your coping mechanisms and integrate mind-body-spirit to help finally heal your body and restore your energy.

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Trauma-Informed Business/Career Coaching

Overcome the impacts of chronic stress and trauma on your career and your business – including self sabotage, money blocks, and imposter syndrome as you develop your plan for success.

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Transformative Post-Traumatic Growth Coaching

After your initial 90-Day Trauma Coaching Intensive, you will be empowered to dive deeper into your post-traumatic growth journey. Learn how to consistently reflect, adjust and grow while standing in your power.

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Eva Medcroft


Eva M. Medcroft
Certified Trauma-Informed Life, Health and Business Coach

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And about the Advertising Agency

"Attitude Agency went the extra mile to create our unique brand that matched our services while really capturing our personality."

Judy Tso –Aha Solutions Unlimited


 Eva Medcroft

Creator and coach

I create, design, write and plan for my clients but, even better, I teach them how to take control of the process themselves. Through coaching, training and expert support, together we co-create a sustainable brand that connects you to your perfect client.



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While Attitude's home is on an island, we know that no man (or woman) is an island unto themselves. When you connect with connect With Attitude, you connect with a tribe – a creative support network of experts, services and other business owners that get it.


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We've been doing this a long -time, but to do it right, you need to do it WITH ATTITUDE! Find your voice, your truth and your courage to go big. That is why we also offer life and health coaching...because the way we do one thing, is the way we do everything.




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