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About Attitude

I've had an ad agency for years and worked with just about every type of client you can imagine. Small biz. Start up. Fortune 500. Local. International. Retail. Service. High-tech. Low tech. And just about everything in between.

It's always amazed me to see some marketing messages really resonate  and take off and others just didn't. The design, copy and strategy were done with the same level of care and quality. So what gives?

My team and I took hard look to see how and why this was and we learned there are 2 key ingredient to successful messaging:

1  Be REALLY engaged in the branding and messaging process

2  Know DEEPLY that your message is your truth


Based on this, we developed the Authentic Branding Creative Coaching Program - a tried-and-true system to help passionate small business owners that are struggling to tell their story.

Through the Authentic Branding Creative Coaching Program, we help you find your true voice, connect with your perfect client, and confidently march forward with a plan created just for you!

What's YOUR true voice?

Connect with me for FREE 60 minute exploration to learn more about your true voice and how to use it to attract your perfect client.

"Attitude Agency went the extra mile to create our unique brand that matched our services while really capturing our personality."

Judy Tso –Aha Solutions Unlimited


 Eva Medcroft

Creator and coach

I create, design, write and plan for my clients but, even better, I teach them how to take control of the process themselves. Through coaching, training and expert support, together we co-create a sustainable brand that connects you to your perfect client.



Team You

While Attitude's home is on an island, we know that no man (or woman) is an island unto themselves. When you connect with connect With Attitude, you connect with a tribe – a creative support network of experts, services and other business owners that get it.


With Attitude!

We've been doing this a long -time, but to do it right, you need to do it WITH ATTITUDE! Find your voice, your truth and your courage to go big. That is why we also offer life and health coaching...because the way we do one thing, is the way we do everything.




We would love to hear about your project.

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